About You

A recent study of home owners* found that the three biggest problems they had with contractors were,

  1. Their expectations weren’t met,
  2. Lack of adequate communications left them anxious and unnecessarily concerned, and
  3. They were met with unanticipated charges at the end of their project. This study also determined that 48% would not hire their contractor again.

That’s not much better than a coin toss.

Everything about this website, about Roccie’s Asphalt Paving, is geared toward making you part of the happy 52% of home owners who would hire this contractor again. You’ll find questions to ask of all the contractors you consider for this and other contractor-based projects. You’ll find a checklist or scorecard to aid in decision making. You can request a “Your Driveway – The Right Way” information packet that includes an independent “How to Make a Construction Investment” buying guide and a DVD: “Way More Than Just a Black Top.”

From the very beginning you’ll be able to tell Roccie’s Asphalt Paving is different. And the difference goes way beyond its marketing. From your first phone call to your completed project you will enjoy a home improvement contractor experience unlike any other you’ve had or heard about.

It’s our commitment, started by my Dad with this company in 1956, to make sure you get your best deal for price & value. How else can we expect you to refer your family and friends

By Qualified Remodeler