Five Reasons to Choose Roccie’s Asphalt

  1. You’ll know what you need to know – Roccie’s provides important and FREE buying information with a “Your Driveway – The Right Way” packet for homeowners like you who have never bought a new driveway or who were let down the last time you did. It includes an educational DVD entitled “Way More Than Just Black Top” and CCN’s guide “How to Make a Successful Construction Investment.” You become an expert at buying contractor services in general and asphalt paving in particular.
  2. No anxiety – A leading cause of customer dissatisfaction is poor contractor communications. This is not possible with Roccie’s. First they learn all about your situation, your driveway problems, your goals, your concerns so they can provide you with several solution options that address your overall situation. You’ll get written project specifics in a detailed proposal that spells out what permits are required, if any, and your step-by-step process including base prep, installation and care & maintenance to prolong your new driveway’s life. At the end of each workday you’ll know what was accomplished, what’s happening next and when. In the event of an emergency you can reach a manager any time day or night. No anxiety is an added bonus to getting your great new driveway from Roccie’s.
  3. Over 50 Years of Commitment – Roccie’s is 100% committed to your 100% satisfaction and has been since 1956. This is a family run business that treats you like family. That’s not to say Roccie’s doesn’t have the muscle to tackle big projects because for years commercial parking lots and public roadways were their primary focus. Roccie’s made the decision to bring this “high end” expertise to residential homeowners who want their driveway done the right way.
  4. You’re protected – Roccie’s is licensed by the state of Connecticut (# 536273) and carries Worker’s Compensation and General Liability insurances. They are also members in good standing with the Better Business Bureau of Connecticut, Certified Contractors NetWork, the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA), and the National Pavement Contractors Association (NPCA). These mean that Roccie’s has received, attained and maintained the necessary oversight, standards and coverage to protect you from being harmed by less than scrupulous paving contractors. It’s one thing to say you’ve got the necessary insurance coverage, it’s even common to show you certificates of coverage but what if subcontractors do your work? Rarely do subcontractors fall under the policies of the contractor. Be careful and call the insurance broker. All Roccie’s workers are covered and insured.
  5. Professional People – Whether it’s answering your questions over the telephone, your consultant who find out all about you and your situation, then make you aware of the “Good – Better – Best” solution option choices you can pick from with confidence, to your project manager and his crews of experienced excavators, pavers, and masons, to Vinny Engongoro who grew up in this business and learned how to do “your driveway – the right way” from his dad Roccie, you’ll always know your concerns are their concerns. You can’t last more than 50 years by any other way.