Residential Paving Services

Asphalt Driveways

New and resurfacing. Your driveway conveys a lot about you, your home and life style. Your driveway invites visitors, and even passersby, to see how you live. An attractive driveway, one with “curb appeal,” adds value to your home and should therefore be looked at as an investment. Plan your driveway carefully while considering all the problems, if any, which caused you to contemplate a “new” driveway in the first place. Only then can you choose your best solution option and make your best decision. Then your driveway will provide years of pride and an excellent return on your construction investment.


Masonry provides the right accents making your home stand out in your neighborhood. While you’ll always see the blocks and stone that make your patio, terrace, retaining wall, walkway, border, curb and apron bring a warm smile, you’ll also remember the Roccie’s masonry team that created that artwork. That’s how they look at your masonry project, like a piece of art. So schedule your free masonry design consultation today to discuss your masonry dreams.

Tennis CourtTennis & Basketball Court Construction

You’ve often thought about bring more entertainment and fitness to your home. You’ve even had the vision of where your basketball, full or half court, or tennis court will go for many years. Now is the time. While Roccie’s is installing your “new” driveway and all the men and equipment will be there, let’s make that dream of your at-home sports venue come true. All it will take is more asphalt mix and some more time. It’s time!

Drainage Solutions

Maybe you’re experiencing ponding and puddling on and around your driveway and walkways. Improper drainage can even contribute to or cause the premature deterioration of your driveway, the problems that you’re seeing. Your Roccie’s consultant will examine your entire drainage area while he’s analyzing all the problems that might be contributing to your surface issues. Eliminating drainage problems is a big part of fixing “Your Driveway – The Right Way.”

StoneOil & Decorative Stone Finishes

Some houses and neighborhoods just have to have oil and decorative stone driveways and walkways. Some have to due to neighborhood requirements; others have to just because they “have” to, it’s a must for the style of the house. Roccie’s can provide the pros and cons of all your solution options, including oil and stone, so you’ll make the right decision. Click here for a prompt, cheerful, free, no-obligation consultation.


Roccie Engongoro, the founder of Roccie’s Asphalt, got his start in the paving business in 1956 providing the right parking lot paving job for the right price. At Roccie’s Asphalt, commercial paving remains an integral part of its business. To say Roccie’s can do parking lots in their sleep is hyperbole but not far from the truth. If you’re a shopping center owner, a church elder, a country club manager, a school maintenance director or the owner of any other business, trust the over 50 years of commercial experience earned by Roccie’s from doing the right job right.

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